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  • Love and Romance – Trouble in Paradise?

    October 5, 2020 | HanitTherapy
  • Part 1: Attachment-based Couple therapy

    We all know romantic relationships are hard work. You may be feeling anger and resentment toward your partner and think that they should change because they are “the problem” – but criticizing one another essentially creates more problems in the relationship.

    Attachment-based couple therapy can empower you and your partner to identify your attachment dynamic and influence it in a way that can lead to a more secure, loving relationship. It can help you and your partner gain insight into the relational dynamics maintaining the problem, while helping you both understand each of your roles in any dysfunctional interactions.

    The fundamental principle of attachment-based treatment models is that we learn how to be a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, and parent from our early-life relationships with our own parents and primary caregivers. The way your parental attachment figures attended to your emotional and physical needs ultimately shaped and formed your “attachment style”. As a result, your attachment style in your romantic relationship mirrors the hand you were dealt in your family of origin. This effective tool will expedite an eye-opening therapeutic experience as you will both become adept at perceiving your relationship and each other in a new light.

    If you feel that your relationship is in a state of crisis, or for support, please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected]

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