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  • Couples Counselling Online: What You Need To Know?

    February 13, 2024 | Hanit
  • In an unexpected turn of events, the global pandemic has reshaped the way couples approach therapy. More than a year into these challenging times, I’ve observed a distinctive pattern in the transition to online therapy for couples.

    Challenges in the Initial Phase of Couples Counselling Online

    When the pandemic first hit, many couples chose to discontinue therapy for various reasons:

    • Uncertainty about income stability.
    • Concerns about managing family responsibilities, especially with children.
    • Logistical challenges such as finding a suitable space for therapy and ensuring a high-speed internet connection.
    • Surprisingly, couples expressed discomfort and lack of confidence in the effectiveness of online couples therapy compared to a significantly higher number of individual clients.

    Not only did the number of ongoing couples decrease, but there was also a noticeable decline in new couples reaching out for therapy.

    Adjusting to Online Couples Therapy:

    The transition to online couples therapy poses unique challenges. Unlike individual therapy where decisions are personal, couples therapy requires agreement and commitment from both partners. It’s not uncommon for one partner to be hesitant about the idea of couples therapy, creating potential roadblocks.

    Adding the factor of adjusting to online therapy amplifies the difficulty. Many couples prefer to wait until the pandemic subsides to resume in-person counseling. The struggle is understandable, and we acknowledge the collective journey of figuring out online therapy together.

    Common Concerns Addressed:

    Here are responses to some prevalent questions raised by couples considering or currently engaging in online couples counseling over the past year:

    Myth: “We Will Just Be Fighting More With Online Couples Counselling”

    Fact: “The goal of couples therapy is never to let couples come in each session and fight about this week’s events or the events of the past years..”

    • Can Couples Therapy Be Done Online?
        • Yes, couples therapy can be effectively conducted online. Research supports the efficacy of online therapy, with outcomes comparable to face-to-face sessions.
    • Why Continue or Start Couples Counseling Online?
        • The stress of the pandemic often magnifies pre-existing relationship challenges. Addressing these issues through online therapy is crucial, as unattended stressors may push relationships to a breaking point.
    • How is Online Couples Counseling Different?
      • Feedback from couples transitioning from in-person to online counseling has been positive. While an adjustment period exists, couples find the effectiveness of online therapy comparable to in-person sessions.

    Considerations for Successful Online Couples Counseling:

    • Environment:
        • Find a quiet space where you can speak without interruptions.
        • Ensure a reliable internet connection.
        • Consider using a webcam for better communication.
        • Plan for potential distractions and interruptions.
    • Adapting to Challenges:
        • Bad internet connection can be a challenge. Discuss this with your internet provider and implement strategies to improve the connection.
    • Preparation Before a Session:
        • Check your internet connection.
        • Minimize distractions, especially for parents with young children.
        • Plan activities to keep children engaged during the session.
    • Ending a Session:
      • Aim for the last 10 minutes to reflect on the session, express appreciation for each other, and discuss agreed-upon homework.
      • Conclude on a positive note to enhance fondness and admiration.

    Conclusion: Addressing Challenges with Online Couples Counseling:

    Embarking on couples therapy, especially online, may be an adjustment. The ongoing pandemic has prolonged the need for support, and relationship challenges persist. The good news is that online couples counseling is an effective avenue to navigate these challenges.

    At Hanit Therapy, our experienced therapists have successfully facilitated online couples counseling, receiving positive feedback from clients who initially hesitated. If you’re considering taking the leap, we encourage you to try it for a few sessions. Your relationship deserves the opportunity to thrive, even in the virtual therapy world.

    Don’t let uncertainties hold you back. Take that step towards addressing your challenges with a therapist online. The journey may be different, but the destination remains a healthier and more connected relationship. Contact us at Hanit Therapy to explore the possibilities of online couples counseling—your relationship’s next chapter awaits.

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